Jayanth’s views on Cow Protection and Minorities

The Supreme Court, in September 2017 asked the 22 states that have legislature preventing cow slaughter to lay down rules to deal with cow vigilante groups.[1] With the passing of Acts such as the Haryana Gau Sanrakhan and Gausamvardhan Act, 2015, the State has officially lent protection to extra-constitutional groups who have taken the law... Continue Reading →


Did Delhi University ignore 300+ RTI applications last year?

In a previous article, I had talked about how colleges and universities have a tendency to remain opaque in their functioning, particularly focusing on St. Teresa’s College and St. Joseph’s College. It’s simple: it’s easy for educational institutes to violate student’s rights & harm their interests. Intervention of a third-person to bring reforms is, thus,... Continue Reading →

This report covers all the initiatives taken by LAC in this Academic Year (Aug 2016 - May 2017). For the sake of convenience, it has been divided into RTE's Initiatives, RTH's Initiatives, RTI's Initiatives, POCSO's Initiatives and other initiatives. To read the full report, click LAC's Annual Report 2016-17.

Health Seeking Behaviour: Hiding in plain sight

The problems associated to healthcare in India is hardly a contested issue anymore. The reason however are – while some people blame the lack of infrastructure and understaffed hospitals, others blame the corruption and the passive attitude of hospital staff and the Government alike. One area which has not been explored much is the role... Continue Reading →

Jayanth’s views on Legality of Marital Rape in Child Marriages

In 1890, Sir Joseph Fayrer recommended setting the age of consent in India to 16 to protect children from rape.[1] More than a century later, not much seems to have changed on the legal front. In response to a petition filed in the Supreme Court by an NGO Independent Thought to criminalise marital rape on... Continue Reading →

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